Barrister’s Award-Winning Wines

Our wines are made from grapes sourced from some of Washington’s most prestigious vineyards.  The grapes are handpicked and sorted, fermented in small lots and barrel-aged in French, American and Hungarian Oak for 16 to 36 months.  All production is handled on site at the Winery.  Winemakers, Greg, Michael and Tyler, are involved, hands-on, throughout the process.

Barrister Winery, whose signature style is characterized by a lush, fruit forward flavor, silky mouthfeel and soft tannins, now draws world-wide attention from wine magazines and wine enthusiasts alike.


2019 Petite Sirah, Wahluke Slope|  43

Our 2019 Wahluke Slope Petite Sirah stood strong when it came time to blend it – we tried Petit Verdot, we tried Malbec, we tried Syrah, and we tried combinations of the aforementioned amongst others. But nothing proved better than the Petite Sirah on its own! So, 100% it is.

An elegant nose comprised of star anise, red cherry, and fresh rain characteristics. Slightly chalky on the palate, look for cocoa powder, earthiness, red fruits, and noticeable acidity. Finishes slightly sweet with floral undertones and fine but distinctive tannin structure. Enjoy this our second Petite Sirah release!


2017 Cabernet Savignon, Red Mountain, Tapteil vineyard|  57

Bold, rich, and elegant, this particular Barrister Cabernet has flavor and aromatics in spades.  Plum, black licorice, warm spice, candied nuts, and aged fruits.  Taste and consider the smooth, but definitively, Cab-typical structure.  Balanced and earthy, dark fruits and depth lend this wine a phenomenal finish.  Drink now and for years to come.

2018 Petit Verdot, Dionysus Vineyard | 45

It is not unusual for a wine to taste or smell of grapes; after all, those are its fruit origins.  But rarely does a wine carry such an intensity of concentrated purple grape as this Petit Verdot!  Grape taffy, purple fruits and grape juice greet the nose with a hint of lavender.  Juicy and slightly silty in texture, this wine quite simply “tastes purple” – to quote one of our winemakers.  Velvety in character with very fine, smooth tannins, this wine has a delicious and gentle milk chocolate finish.  A fantastic expression of Washington Petit Verdot.

Rough Justice XVII, Red Blend | 27

Look for aromas of orange peel and cloves, bright red fruits – strawberries, cherries – and a touch of floral component. Lush and soft on the palate with well-balanced acid, tannins and fruit make for a distinctly approachable and extremely pleasing wine. The finish is full of dark berries, chocolate, smooth tannins and a touch of oak. A wine to enjoy now or several years down the line!

2018 Tempranillo, Walla Walla Valley | 53

Our first – and perhaps only – Tempranillo! It hails from the Summit View Vineyard, and akin to the Malbec that we also source from Summit View, this wine is intense and chewy. Marvelous notes of vanilla, blueberry, fruit leather, black pepper and black cherries tease the nose with tons of texture and structure on the palate. Dark red fruits, dark chocolate, and cherry liqueur pop from the start to finish with that dark, concentrated fruit really lingering on the back end amidst pleasant oak tannins. One to drink now or hold onto.

2019 Cabernet Franc, Columbia Valley | 35

93 Points, Double Gold, 2022 American Fine Wine Competition
This award-winning Cabernet Franc is fruit forward brimming with hints of dark cherries, warm spice and subtle notes of toasted oak. With a velvety texture and soft tannins, our Cabernet Franc has been described as “berries wrapped in a blanket of toasted oak.” The flavors of black cherry, blueberry and hints of cocoa are smooth on the palate with a soft, lingering finish. Enjoy now and for years to come.

2018 Merlot, Bacchus Vineyard | 39

Ah, the aroma!  This Merlot delivers wonderful aromatics – floral and earthy, fresh and vibrant, black pepper and a sweet smokiness.  Mouthwatering on the palate, the wine is lush and dense with flavors of dark fruits, toasted oak, and cherry with an exceptional tannin structure.  The finish is cab-like in its intensity with lingering dark fruits.