Barrister’s Award-Winning Wines

Our wines are made from grapes sourced from some of Washington’s most prestigious vineyards.  The grapes are handpicked and sorted, fermented in small lots and barrel-aged in French, American and Hungarian Oak for 16 to 36 months.  All production is handled on site at the Winery.  Winemakers, Greg, Michael and Tyler, are involved, hands-on, throughout the process.

Barrister Winery, whose signature style is characterized by a lush, fruit forward flavor, silky mouthfeel and soft tannins, now draws world-wide attention from wine magazines and wine enthusiasts alike.


2019 Sauvignon Blanc, Klipsun Vineyard |  21

Our 2019 Sauvignon Blanc has clean aromatics with distinctive notes of minerality, pear, lemon, honey and hyacinth. The first sip delivers with balanced acidity, a full palate weight, and crisp apple and honeydew melon. As it recedes, enjoy a lingering rich finish reminiscent of apricot and honey.

Rough Justice Xv, Red Blend | 23

Barrister’s fifteenth rendition of Rough Justice possesses an intense floral aroma with elements of sweet cherry, vanilla and pepper. As you take a sip, experience candied fruits on the front end, mellow oak and balanced acidity in the middle, and dark fruits with a long, complex finish on the back end.

2017 Merlot, Walla walla valley | 33

This wine is 95% Merlot from the Dwelley Vineyard located in the Walla Walla Valley, blended with 2.5% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Bacchus Vineyard, and 2.5% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Pepper Bridge Vineyard. The aroma opens with wave after wave of ripe red fruits and black cherry with undertones of cocoa powder and cola. Take a sip and enjoy a wonderfully complex, nuanced and vibrant flavor profile with hints of cherries, vanilla, and chocolate.

2018 Cabernet Franc, Columbia Valley | 33

The 2018 Cabernet Franc has a lovely, perfumed nose akin to walking through a field of wildflowers. Take in an even deeper inhale and discover hints of black cherry, toasty oak, orange peel, cloves and the sweetness of honey. Soft and enveloping up front, this wine open rich and fruity. Balanced, mid-palate structure lets this wine hang mid-sip, look for milk chocolate, and a pleasing astringincy. The finish is warm, soft and lingers while you contemplate your next sip.

2017 Petit Verdot, Dionysus Vineyard | 41

This 2017 Petit Verdot possesses an intriguing black pepper component on the nose, accompanied by cinnamon, clove, plum, and salted caramel. The first sip is lush, packed with dark fruit, deep and smooth and chewy with notes of blackberry, clove, and chocolate covered cherries. This bold wine boasts rich texture, both mid-palate and finish.

2016 Cabernet sauvignon, Tapteil Vineyard | 53

This wine has an intense nose of dark fruit, black cherry, plum and Asian spice box. This Cabernet Sauvignon has the structure typical of Red Mountain’s finest wines with Barrister’s signature soft, gentle tannins and a rich, lingering finish.

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