Barrister’s Award-Winning Wines

Our wines are made from grapes sourced from some of Washington’s most prestigious vineyards.  The grapes are handpicked and sorted, fermented in small lots and barrel-aged in French, American and Hungarian Oak for 16 to 36 months.  All production is handled on site at the Winery.  Winemakers, Greg, Michael and Tyler, are involved, hands-on, throughout the process.

Barrister Winery, whose signature style is characterized by a lush, fruit forward flavor, silky mouthfeel and soft tannins, now draws world-wide attention from wine magazines and wine enthusiasts alike.

Rough Justice XVII, Red Blend | 27

Barrister’s seventeenth rendition of Rough Justice continues the tradition of a full-bodied blend of varietals that showcase Washington AVAs.  Beautiful in color, just right in tannin structure, and fruit forward on the nose – this wine continues the tradition of Barrister’s popular red blend.


2020 Cabernet Franc, White Bluffs | 35

Our signature wine, the 2020 Cabernet Franc wine has a complex nose of toasted oak, cherries, plums, and dried Italian herbs. Soft and rich on the palate with vanilla cream manifesting itself alongside red fruits and fine tannins. Smooth all the way through with a velvety texture, soft tannins and lingering cherry and orange peel on the finish.


2019 Sangiovese, Kiona Vineyard | 37

96 PTS, Double Gold Medal – 2023 Sunset International Wine Competition

Elegant, fresh and fruit forward on the nose with touches of strawberry, red plums, wildflowers, sweet herbs, and honey. Juicy on the palate with lots of red fruits, vanilla, and a hint of allspice with mouth-watering acidity. Wonderful finish with lemony citrus, soft cedar, and cranberries. Drinkable now and for years to come.


2019 Cabernet Sauvignon, Pepper Bridge Vineyard | 45

96 PTS, Double Gold Medal – 2023 Sunset International Wine Competition

This wine opens with deep aromas of raspberries, vanilla, caramel, citrus, and toasty oak. The rich, mouth-coating palate is full-bodied but very smooth with flavors of peppery, ripe red fruits and dark chocolate.

Cocoa, cinnamon, savory fruits, and orange all contribute to a rich, lingering, well-balanced finish. Enjoy this delicious wine now or over the next decade.


2019 Syrah, Bacchus Vineyard | 41

A customer favorite, our Bacchus Syrah has exceptional aromatics full of caramel and sweet molasses with savory undertones. Fine tannins lend a soft mouthfeel while black fruits with warm nutmeg and cloves create a decidedly dark, spicy palate with a beautiful, long finish.


2019 Malbec, Summit View Vineyard | 43

Barrister Malbecs tend to be among our darkest (almost inky) in appearance and heaviest in terms of palate, and this one is no exception. Extremely fragrant – brown sugar, cherry, vanilla, citrus and anise and pleasant woodsy notes – dark fruits and warm spice flow on the palate with real potency and chewiness – this wine pulls no punches. Lush all the way through, the vanilla and cherry characteristics linger on the finish.


2019 Petite Sirah, Wahluke Slope | 43

Our 2019 Wahluke Slope Petite Sirah stood strong when it came time to blend it – we tried Petit Verdot, we tried Malbec, we tried Syrah, and we tried combinations of the aforementioned amongst others. But nothing proved better than the Petite Sirah on its own! So, 100% it is.

An elegant nose comprised of star anise, red cherry, and fresh rain characteristics. Slightly chalky on the palate, look for cocoa powder, earthiness, red fruits, and noticeable acidity. Finishes slightly sweet with floral undertones and fine but distinctive tannin structure. Enjoy this our second Petite Sirah release!


2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Mountain, Tapteil vineyard | 57

Bold, rich, and elegant, this particular Barrister Cabernet has flavor and aromatics in spades.  Plum, black licorice, warm spice, candied nuts, and aged fruits.  Taste and consider the smooth, but definitively, Cab-typical structure.  Balanced and earthy, dark fruits and depth lend this wine a phenomenal finish.  Drink now and for years to come.

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon, Seven Hills | 41

Elegance and finesse! Raspberries, plum, vanilla and mellow toasty oak jump to the fore on this Cabernet. Flavors of dark cherry, citrus, and strawberries emphasize the fruit forward nature of this wine. Mineral and stone characteristics contribute to a nicely balanced finish.